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Get ready for 2020-2021. Mrs. Carpenter invites you to Explore Your World this summer through books. Open a book and head out on an adventure. This year you'll earn Continent Medals as you accumulate words read through the Reading Counts Program. Who knows maybe you'll even start sailing the seven seas and conquer the world.  As you read books this summer be sure to keep a log of the books you read and their authors, maybe even some notes to help you remember the details. You'll need this to take quizzes on them when we return to school.
Although the Reading Counts Program is only available while school is in, students can keep track of the books they read over the summer and take quizzes on them when school resumes in August. 
To learn more about the Reading Counts Program, find books in your lexile range and check to see if a book has a quiz, go to HMH Book Expert On Line.  IMPORTANT: When searching for a title in Book Expert make sure you have the EXACT TITLE and correct author. The program's search is not intuitive. It is recommended that you search by Author

To learn all about a lexile measure and what it means click hereYour lexile number can be found in your Reading Counts account or by asking your teacher. 


Hello Lakers,
I hope you are all well and enjoying your summer. I am busy planning for the 2020-2021 school year. Next year’s Library Reading Counts theme will be Explore Your World, Read!I love to travel and when I can’t get on an airplane or take a road trip what better way to experience an adventure than by jumping into a good book. I am inviting you to Explore Your World via books. Put yourself in the books you read this summer and keep a travel journal of all the places you experience in the book:
  • interesting fictional places
  • outer space
  • another country or state
  • your character’s backyard.
Write your experiences from the stories and how they made you feel.
  • What does it look like there?
  • What is the weather like?
  • How did you get there?
  • Do the characters speak a different language?
Read both Fiction and Non-fiction to give your journal interesting details. If a story takes place in India, look up India and find out a fun fact that isn’t mentioned in the story. Incorporate it in your journal. (Look for books with quizzes, keep track of books you read and their authors so you can take quizzes on them when we return to school. Reading Counts will not be available during summer.)
Students can turn in their travel journals to the library when school resumes, one will be chosen to be “published” and put in the Lake Forest Library collection.
For younger students, create a postcard from each of the places you go. Index cards or cardstock work great for this. Be sure to write a message on it.  I will be hanging these up in the library upon our return to school. (Please keep these at home until school starts again.)
If you do travel, be sure to include your real-life adventures in your journal or postcards too.
There are currently many on-line free resources available to all our students. Links to many of them can be found here on the Lake Forest Library webpage under the Free Resources tab.
Don’t forget, we have over 750 eBooks available for checkout from home in the Lake Forest Library collection. Students also have access to Encyclopedia Britannica and through Clever. Both are excellent sources of information, fun activities and ideas for students.
I can’t wait to read about all the exciting places books take you this summer
Mrs. Carpenter
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