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Explore Your World-Read
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Welcome to the  2020-2021 school year. Mrs. Carpenter invites you to Explore Your World this year through books. Open a book and head out on an adventure. This year you'll earn continent stamps on a world map as you accumulate words read through the Reading Counts Program. Who knows maybe you'll even start sailing the seven seas and conquer the world. Certificates will be awarded after the first trimester for the following levels:
100,000 Words Read
200,000 Words Read
350,000 Words Read
500,000 Words Read
650,000 Words Read
800,000 Words Read
1,000,000 Words Read and for every Million words read after that. 
Certificates will be sent out once a month starting with the second trimester. Certificates will be sent to student's parents via email.
To learn more about the Reading Counts Program, find books in your lexile range and check to see if a book has a quiz, go to HMH Book Expert On Line.  IMPORTANT: When searching for a title in Book Expert make sure you have the EXACT TITLE and correct author. The program's search is not intuitive. It is recommended that you search by Author

To learn all about a lexile measure and what it means click hereYour lexile number can be found in your Reading Counts account or by asking your teacher. 
EXPLORE THE CONTINENTS with National Geographic Kids