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Welcome to Ms. Maloney's 2nd Grade Class!
Pig with glasses
Parent volunteers may sign up for a reading group on Tuesdays or wednesdays or a math group on Fridays. Sign up genius coming soon! 

We're Learning About...Top of Page

Language Arts 
We are reading stories about plants and animals and their habitats.
We will be learning strategies of addition and subtraction with double digits for the next couple of months. 
We will be studying about plants and how they adapt to their environment.  Several very fun exploration activities and experiments will help students understand how important plants are in our lives and to our planet.  
Social Studies
We have been studying about communities and how they change.  We will continue to read and discuss communities for the next month.  

Visual and Performing Arts

We are preparing for the Veterans' Day performance November 8th.  The students have been having fun with the music program Mrs. Plewe has been leading on Fridays as well.  Stay tuned for other performances we will be doing in the future. 

Yoga is going well!  It is helping the students learn strategies for relaxation and gentle movement.  We are also continuing to study nutrition and are learning about food groups and the nutrients they provide.