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January 20, 2021

This section addresses changes to our Plan based on the new health guidelines presented by the CA Department of Public Health. As of this update, our schools are still operating on a hybrid model. All items included here are based on Lake Forest being on the hybrid schedule.
New Health Guidelines
    • Classroom cohorts will now be called Stable Groups     
    • Students in all grade levels TK-5 are required to wear face coverings at all times, while at  school. unless erempted (Recess too)     
    • Persons exempted from wearing a face covering due to a medical condition, as confirmed by school district health team and therapists, must wear a non-restrictive alternative, such as a face shield with a drape on the bottom edge, as long as their condition permits it.
    • In order to comply with this guidance, schools must exclude students from campus if they are not exempt from wearing a face covering under CDPH guidelines and refuse to wear one provided by the school.
    • Stable groups could switch schedules or even membership after the end of a quarter. trimester. or semester in ways that support students being able to take additional classes without substantial group mixing
    • Under no circumstances should the distance between student chairs be less than 4 feet
    • Activities where there is increased likelihood for transmission from contaminated exhaled aerosols such as band and choir practice and performances are permitted outdoors only.  
    • Parents must screen their children daily for COVID-19 symptoms and for exposure to someone with COVID-19 prior to leaving for school. Parents are to keep their child at home if the child is feeling ill or has any symptoms of COVD-19, even if symptoms are very mild, and to get their ill child tested for SARS-Cov2
    • A close contact is now defined as a person who is within 6 feet from a case for more than 15 minutes cumulative within a 24-hour period, regardless of face covermgs. In school situations, it may be difficult to determine whether individuals have met this criterion and an entire stable group, classroom, or other group may need to be considered exposed, and thus quarantined
Rainy Day pick up and drop off 
    • On rainy days, please be in your classrooms 10 minutes before start time for students to be dropped off
    • Parents may come to the area outside of the classroom (distanced from others) to pick up their child on a rainy day.
    • Parents of Kindergarteners may leave cars at curb in front of the office to quickly come to the rooms for their children if necessary
    • The office will make every attempt to get a text out to all families about rainy day pick up to hopefully reduce confusion
Indoor Recess on Rainv Days
    • Yard Duty will go to your room on rainy days. Each class will have their regularly designated yard duty as on outdoor recess days.
July 30, 2020 Updated Version

All stakeholders received this plan and had the opportunity to evaluate it, and submit ideas for inclusion. Meetings with all staff and parent groups (SSC/PTC) were held the week of July 6th via Zoom to gather feedback and suggestions. Questions and concerns brought to me from other parent emails regarding the opening of school were also considered in this plan as were comments brought to the district by labor groups. The bulk of this document was created prior to the decision to open school under the hybrid model.
General Information/Beginning of the Year Activities
    • Every effort will be made to provide the safest environment possible for our students in all areas of campus. The health and
      safety of our students is always the top priority. Each area of this plan will focus on social distance measures, hand washing and sanitizing materials used by anyone.
    • Parents commented and had numerous questions regarding the importance of sharing expectations with our learning community about new health protocols. It will be imperative that communication is sent to families as soon as it can be developed to improve implementation as quickly as possible.
      • Class lists may be available to parents sooner than in recent years to establish home-school communication prior to the first day if at all possible.
      • Increased communication from the school regarding new guidelines (parents on campus, pick up/drop off, recess and lunch to name a few) will need to be sent as soon as possible so parents can discuss with their children prior to starting school
      • Use of morning announcements to remind students of school policies will be utilized.
    • Teaching and enforcing hand washing each time students come into class and especially before and after eating. This is a huge item for every staff member to remember and support.
      • Two hand washing stations will be positioned in designated areas of the school to support the practice and minimize loss of instructional time. They need to be in areas with water access and will be stored in the gym each night.
      • Ideally, at least one station will be located near the lunch area to improve access when eating and improve flow of traffic coming and going from the lunch area. This will assist in reducing the number of students in bathrooms as well.
      • Another station located near the B & C wings (where most students will be housed) may reduce loss of learning time before and after recesses and lunch.
    • Adults will monitor each station (up to 12 students) and supervise distancing.
    • Hand sanitizer will be be available throughout areas of campus.
    • The current state directive from the Governor’s office states that students and staff wear face coverings at all times. The California Department of Public Health is encouraging students to wear masks in grades TK-2 and require wearing masks in grades 3rd and above while in class. Students will not be required to wear masks outdoors. We will reevaluate our policy on face coverings as new guidelines and protocols are received from the state, county and district in the coming weeks.
    • All Teachers/Staff will have supervision responsibilities the 1st week of school to ensure that students know where to go and what to do
      • Visual markers and signs will be created in high traffic areas (lunch area, bathroom and office) to remind distancing procedures with students.
      • Communication from school to home to reinforce procedures will be ongoing.
    • Many detailed schedules are still being developed and may depend on the number of classes we ultimately begin the year (Kindergarten procedures, recess and lunch schedules, yard duty supervision, and SEL supports).
    • Kindergarten Orientation
      • Social distance seating for families or video information shared via email
      • Children will be able to meet their teacher with safeguards in place. Kindergarten teachers will develop a plan for introducing themselves to new students. This may involve staggering times for each class.
    • Back to School Night (TBA) will be via Zoom/remote access
      • Parents will be notified of their child’s class as soon as possible so information on the new year and expectations will be shared before the first day of school.
      • Teachers Zoom with their families and email documents.
      • Teachers may do multiple sessions to break up the group for better management of the presentation if needed.
      • SEL support needs assessment will be sent out at the beginning of the year to collect feedback from families about students that we can support early in the year.
      • Parent Volunteers will not be allowed on campus.
    • We can still give out fingerprint clearing info for those who want to volunteer when possible.
    • Art and garden docents will not be able to work with classes until further notice except for Gina Johnston, our Garden Coordinator.
    • Field Trips
      • No field trips will be scheduled during at least the first trimester of the year.
      • The Coloma trip for last year’s 4th graders was moved to November 30th but has now been cancelled. Alternate activities for this grade (current 5th) will be explored.
      • Current 4th graders are scheduled to attend Coloma in May 2021. Decisions about that trip will be made later in the year.
      • Teachers and staff will continue to look for other enriching opportunities other than physical field trips (virtual trips like Sutter’s Fort, etc.).
      • Visitors/presenters will not be scheduled in classes until the second trimester.
      • The A Touch Of Understanding presentation (4th grade only) for early December is still scheduled but will be discussed in November.
    • Assemblies
      • Welcome/recess training assemblies usually held in the gym by grade level will most likely be given individually in each class by Mr. Peters.
      • Possible recording/streaming of award presentations.
      • No parents/visitors to any activity, even those in classrooms. We will look for ways to give parents virtual access.
    • PTC Events/Usage of Facilities by Outside Users
      • No PTC events are likely to be scheduled for fall. Schools are looking into virtual fundraisers.
        • A Read-A-Thon may be presented early in the year.
        • Fall festival will likely not be possible.
        • Movie Night (unless a socially distanced event can be established, but that will need to be approved by RUSD).
        • Santa Breakfast TBD.
      • No outside organizations will be able to use our facilities (gym) unless it’s on the field or through EDH CSD.
      • Classroom usage by outside organizations will have to be cleared through RUSD and abide by health/safety guidelines. This may not be possible until after the first trimester.
Morning Drop Off
    • Students will line up at their classroom door for the 1st week of school or another spot established by the teacher that encourages distancing and provides supervision.
    • Parents can stand with their child, but they will be expected to wear face coverings. The parent base will be encouraged to avoid being on campus before or after school if at all possible. Kindergarten and 1st grade families will be an exception during the first weeks of school (likely longer) to support our youngest learners.
      • Kindergarteners will come to their classroom building A1, A2 or B2 and up line on numbers inside the fence. Parents need to be with their student and social distance with face coverings.
      • We can work to train our newest students to be more independent so that less adults are in each area.
    • Support by principal and other staff may be necessary in Kindergarten yard.
    • Teachers will train students on lining up at their respective spots on the blacktop or develop a grade level area for each grade to sit before the bell rings such as the outdoor stage, in front of the library, areas between B & C or D & E wings of school. However, areas must be visible to supervising staff.
    • Students line up before school and cannot freely roam the playground.
    • Students cannot arrive before 8:35 AM.
    • Only students and staff will be allowed into classrooms at the start of the year.
    • Students and staff will be required to wear masks/face shields (please see explanation above) as directed by recommendations from health professionals.
    • The district is providing 4 masks per student for the 1st 60 days of school.
    • Desks all facing forward and not in groups facing one another.
      • As much space as possible between desks.
      • Each grade level will look at their rooms to assign a seating arrangement that will work for their respective grade level for all aspects of their day.
      • Small group tables wiped down between groups.
    • Chromebooks will be issued to each student and not shared.
      • Staff will monitor usage and distribution of technology to avoid unnecessary contact with multiple students.
    • Headphones will need to be bagged and labeled for each student. Ideally they will come from home but we will have units available for students.
    • Students all have their own materials (crayons, scissors, pencils, glue, ruler, etc).
    • Teachers will consider reducing the need for backpacks, which can take up classroom space.
    • No sharing of materials unless they can be cleaned between uses.
    • Material list needs to be updated for each grade level and available for families on the school website. We will provide supplies for those unable to purchase them on their own.
    • Midday cleaning/disinfecting will be done in commonly used areas (Doorknobs, sinks, counters, etc.).
    • Student desks will be cleaned daily after school.
    • Excess furniture will be stored to make space to create space in classrooms.
    • If at all possible, use only one trash can during the day. The teacher can have his/her own but please empty it into the larger receptacle to save time for the custodian.
    • Barriers for each class (as appropriate for the classroom) will be installed by the RUSD maintenance staff and school custodians.
Academic Considerations
    • Leveled math groups will not be utilized to avoid mixing students with different teachers.
    • Science class may involve the teacher (Mrs. Brazzel) coming to each classroom but will still be held primarily in room F3.
      • Science prep schedule will be developed to keep grade levels together on a specific day and avoid additional cleanings of F3 if
        possible during the day. This will also depend on the total number of upper grade classes configured. Longer class periods may be
        necessary to accomplish this.
    • Buddy classes are not going be scheduled.
    • Student helpers from Marina and ORHS are not available until further notice.
    • Blended classes will have to conduct lessons in their own rooms and not with others during the first trimester. If possible, a classroom. aide will assist blended classes to provide more individualized instruction.
    • Students will not be required to wear face coverings outside at recess.
    • A yard supervisor will be designated to work with one grade level for recesses and lunch to reduce student contact and provide  onsistency for the students.
    • SDC classes will choose which recess/lunch time to consistently attend and avoid exposure to multiple classes.
    • Each grade level will have their own of equipment that will be handed out by yard supervisors at the beginning of each recess.
    • Students in each grade are responsible to bring equipment back after each recess to appropriate bin.
      • Color coded equipment by grade may be helpful to track by grade.
    • Play Areas:
      • Grade levels will play together at recess according to a rotating play area schedule.
      • The red and blue structures will be available to grade levels on a rotating basis depending on grade level (Blue for 1st-3rd & Red
        structure for 4th and 5th).
        • Cleaning for different groups after using the play structure is needed.
      • Other areas for student rotation (changing daily) will be:
        • Blacktop (basketball, 4 square and wall ball). We could separate the blacktop into two areas.
        • Field when possible.
        • Classrooms (indoor games)
      • Students will wash their hands before and after recess. Teachers will coordinate with yard duty about where (using stations, classroom or bathrooms).
      • Drinking fountains will be turned off and students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles.
      • Yard Duty Supervisors will be scheduled to supervise a specific grade level group throughout the day. For instance, one person will be designated to supervise a certain first grade class, and will also work with them during lunch/lunch recess. They will assist in rotating the group appropriately throughout the day and week. They will watch this class/grade on the playground rotation throughout the week.
      • Games on courts, field or at the wall ball area will need to be reduced to small teams to avoid crowding, etc.
      • Classes lineup on their lines when recess ends or in designated grade level areas. A routine for putting on masks, cleaning hands and reentering the class will b e developed by teachers.
    • Yard supervisors/staff will monitor bathroom capacity and discourage overcrowding. Floor markers may be instituted to remind students of spacing while waiting.
    • Restrooms will be designated to certain grade levels to reduce multiple cleanings if possible. We only have three student restrooms on campus, so we will have to decide how to monitor/assign specific areas for each grade level to allow proper access and provide for cleaning.
    • Students will be encouraged to use restrooms at designated times, if possible, to reduce contact time between cleanings.
    • Paper towels will be provided in restrooms instead of air dryers to reduce airborne particles.
    • July 28th Update: Lunch procedures will be “drop and go” in a hybrid structured day. Students will not be allowed to congregate in one area as in a usual lunch period. A few students may have a short lunch prior to school beginning in the afternoon, but we will not hold a traditional lunch recess where most of the following conditions apply. Snack procedures during recess may.
    • Kindergarten may eat in the Kindergarten picnic table area (one class eats and one plays) on a rotating basis if space and scheduling allows.
    • Kindergarten aides will pick up school lunches if ready by the end of the aide schedule. Otherwise, yard supervisors will assist by bringing lunches to classrooms they are supervising.
    • Lunch will be staggered as usual but we may look at having one class (Kinder) begin eating 20 minutes earlier than the others to assist with congestion in the play areas. This would require additional yard duty time and would need to be cleared by the district. Ideally we are looking for solutions that don’t necessitate adding hours. This may be ultimately decided based on how many classes we have.
    • Kindergarteners will rotate to different play areas each day:
      • Play structure
      • Classroom
      • Grass or bike area
      • Other playstations that are easily cleaned
    • Teachers will walk their classes to the lunch area.
    • Each grade level will have their own area to sit with grade level peers.
      • One group will be in the gym.
      • One group will be behind the gym outside.
      • A rotating lunch schedule will be developed so that one table area is free to be cleaned between usage while the other is used by students.
      • The gym may be big enough to hold two groups.
      • Eating outside of classrooms on sunny days is possible
    • Tables will be distanced as much as possible.
      • Tables will be cleaned in between classes.
      • Grab and go lunches only or lunches brought from home.
      • Staff will monitor each line to ensure social distancing.
      • Tables will be marked to remind students of spacing.
    • The library will not open initially until late August/September.
    • A modified schedule will be developed so students do receive some library services.
    • The fall book fair will have to be offered online.
    • Library will be closed before and after school.
    • Bags for individual students may be used to allow check out but can be set aside later to ensure safety.
    • Mrs. Carpenter will create grade level selections of appropriate books that will be brought to classrooms for checkout opposed to students perusing the collection (K-2nd).
    • The “hold and list” features in Destiny program will be taught to students to select books in grades 3rd to 5th.
    • All books and materials will be quarantined when returned to the library.
    • Reading Counts quizzes and Reading Awards will be highly encouraged!
Computer Lab
    • Our lab will be disbanded by the RUSD Tech Department and will issue all kids their own device (Kinder and 1st which currently are not 1:1).
    • The room may be used for Health Services during the year.
    • Mrs. Olson will see all band students on Friday.
    • Instrumental lesson times will be divided by grade level and class for pull out instruction (5th).
    • Fourth graders will receive music instruction as a whole group in their individual classrooms.
    • If the group is small enough, F8 could be used. Depends on the number of band students and if social distancing can be created.
    • Band may practice outside or on the gym stage for more space if Mrs. Olson wants the whole group together.
    • Masks will be required by parents and students entering office and will be available for those without.
    • No more than 3 non-staff members in office at one time.
    • Drop off boxes will be used whenever possible to avoid entry into the office.
    • Labeling of areas for waiting and addressing staff will be established.
    • All delivered items, instruments, assignments, lunches, etc., will be left in the office, no parent delivery to classes.
    • Back door and patio area will be open for staff to come and go without passing though office.
    • Barriers will be installed at the secretaries desks.
Health Office
    • Students will receive medications as in the past according to their specific schedule.
    • All surfaces will be wiped down after each student’s visit.
    • Sick Students/COVID 19 symptoms observed. This topic was addressed in meeting with all groups and of course we will adapt our policy as new information from health professionals is received:
      • Teacher calls health office or secretary.
      • Student is sent to the office with all belongings to avoid returning to room.
      • Student evaluated by school health aide/nurse.
      • We will utilize the containment room (empty office across from health office) for students that may display COVID or other
      • Health Office Nurse will supervise that space.
      • Office staff will assist in the Health Office if this occurs.
      • Students will wear a mask in office when being seen for symptoms regardless of mask requirements at that time.
      • School will follow up for further direction on evaluation/notification of other students according to current practices.
Students in the Office
    • No students should be sent to the office to finish work or for classroom discipline unless on a referral from principal.
    • Students sent to the office for discipline must have a referral and staff must call ahead to let us know they are coming.
    • Buddy classes will not be able to be used for the time being for discipline or other time outs.
    • Principal or Teacher-in-Charge may need to go and pick up disruptive students.
Special Education/Intervention/504/Conferences
    • IEP meetings will be in person (Can be virtual if more than 8 people).
    • 504 meetings will be in person with Bruce (Can be virtual if more than 8 people).
    • We will make every effort to hold any parent meetings between teacher and parent virtually or on the phone if possible for usual parent-teacher communication on progress.
    • Speech and Language services will continue but may be moved to a larger open room if A3 is too small for group work.
    • We will reassess trimester parent/teacher conferences later in the fall.
    • SDC mainstreaming will continue. Students in SDC will be placed in a same grade general education classrooms for academic/social instruction daily.
    • Student Study Teams will be available but only scheduled in Aug/Sept if absolutely necessary. Depending on the size of the group, the meetings may be held in person or via Zoom.
    • Intervention groups will not begin until at least early September.
      • Groups will be made according to class or grade level to avoid mixing of students.
      • Groups will be no larger than 6 students.
      • Tables will be cleaned between groups.
      • Pull out programs (Reading Intervention) may be a push-in format to start unless proper cleaning/safety procedures can be implemented in room F1 in between groups.
Afternoon Pick-Up
    • Kindergarten/TK
      • Kindergarten will be dismissed at the play yard gates (front and back). Parents will need to remain behind the gate or outside the class door (A2) with social distancing in place.
    • Parent Pick up (1st-5th)
      • Parents will be allowed to stand near classrooms (or other designated area) to pick up dismissed students but wearing masks will be expected. It will be encouraged to pick up by car in either loop will be preferable to reduce campus congestion.
      • Students will be walked to their designated line at either the west loop (near Marina) or in the east loop in front of the office. Students will wait with their class until called by staff to go to their parents car.
        • Parents can make name cards to display and assist staff with pick up.
        • No Safety Patrol students helping before or after school.
        • The field may be another place for students to be picked up by parents on foot and/or various other locations like the ramp near Barisone area.
        • Crossing guards can walk students from across Kensington or Francisco in groups (masks) so that less adults need to enter campus at drop off or pick up.
      • Bus transportation
        • Currently, only students in Mrs. Hart and Mr. Smith’s SDC classes use bus transportation. They will be walked to the bus area by teachers and support staff.
        • Staff supervision will monitor to ensure students are seated appropriately and remain distanced while waiting for bus to arrive.
        • Spots on sidewalk to remind students of spaces who are waiting for the bus will clearly marked.
        • Student seating in buses or vans will be facilitated by the driver.
    • All staff will clean area used after eating.
    • Protocols for using refrigerators and microwaves will be discussed.
    • No group potluck meals.
    • Mindful of distancing at all times.
    • Using patio will assist with staff lunch times.
    • Students will wash their hands at the beginning and end of PE.
    • PE activities will be non contact skills with social distancing encouraged.
    • Equipment will be sanitized between class usage by teacher or custodian.
    • The gym will not be available for PE until further notice unless they can socially distance. Outside is best because they would not have to wear face coverings.
Extracurricular and Fall Sport Activities
    • Cross Country
      • County Season Cancelled for Fall but may be reinstated in Spring 2021.
      • If we hold a cross country activity, it will only be for our own students and will be called a “running club” as in the past, possibly at recess within the recess rotation. There will be no meets with other schools in 2020.
    • Volleyball
      • May not be possible as in the past.
      • Shouldn’t mix grade levels within team.
      • No games against other schools in 2020.
    • Basketball (TBD)
      • If a season is permissible, our season may only be with other RUSD schools and may start well after Winter Break.
      • Intramural Basketball could be offered instead and would possibly be open to multiple grades.
    • Afterschool Enrichment (Fall, Spring Sessions)
      • PTC Enrichment offerings on hold until at least second trimester.
      • Outside organizations must adhere to safety guidelines when allowed to rent factities this year.
Social and Emotional Health
    • Our school and district recognizes the needs of our children to be supported during this challenging time.
    • Practices will be largely be determined by Reopening Committee dedicated to Soc/Emotional health.
    • Needs assessments for students possibly requiring support will be going on all the time, but our documented yearly assessments will take place using school developed screeners in late August.
    • A parent questionnaire regarding student needs will be sent out at the beginning of the school year to identify students who need  immediate support.
    • As a staff we will discuss all identified students during a staff development day.
    • Mrs. McKelvey, our school counselor, will be seeing students and providing supports to classroom teachers.
    • Group sessions and how they will be structured for health purposes will be determined in the fall.
    • Lunch bunch may be possible, but on a limited basis with only small grade level cohorts at one time unless a larger space is available.