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     The Library hosted our 7th annual Earth Day Project Contest the week of April 22. Twenty eight of our 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students worked hard to produce 25 recycling projects for the event! 
 Students were challenged to build/create/ or re-purpose/upcycle something out of recycled materials and enter their creation in one of three categories: Art, Useful or Inventions.  Even though students voted for their favorites, ALL who took the time to create a project are winners. Every one was unique and we are very proud of these students for participating. 
      USEFUL CATEGORY: Dillon Gygax for his Foosball table
ART CATEGORY:Ben Hughes for his Plastic Bottle Waterfall
  INVENTIONS: There were no entries in this category this year
Project #1 Foosball Game*
Project #2 Bird House/Feeder*
Project #3 Cookie Dispenser*
Project #4 Planter*
Project #8 Zoom Station-Materials: recycled egg carton, strawberry plant containers, and silver ribbon; rocks & tape. This station is to help stand up an iPad for class Zoom, videos, and slides so it doesn’t slip around, and it has containers to keep supplies handy.
Project #7 Coin Sorter*
Project #9 Drum Set*
Project #11 Jewelry Box-made it out of cardboard, old decorative paper, and toilet paper rolls.  
Project #12 Nightstand*
Project #13 Bunny Playhouse-made from cardboard boxes
Project #14 Egg Carton Plantings-germinating fruit tree seeds from foods he has been eating recycled egg cartons
Project #16 Rabbit or Mouse House*-This is a mouse or rabbit house. It is made from recycled materials. The house is a diaper box. It is decorated with paintings of mice and rabbits. The inside is filled with things to climb or nest. They are made from napkins, cardboard, straws, tape rolls, and paper. 
Project #17 Purple Bird Feeder-Bird Feeder made from a laundry detergent bottle
Project #21 Memory Keeper
Project #22 Rolling Storage-a cardboard cat with a drawer on one side and the other side is open storage and it is pulled on a skateboard
Project #24 Cat Toy*
Project #25 Vase & Coaster*
*Please watch and listen to these videos for a description of each project.


Project #5 Rocket-This project is made out of two recycled cardboard boxes, recycled newspaper, eight recycled two-liter soda bottles, and recycled paint from house projects.
Project #6 Keep Water Clean-This is made from all upcycled resources
Project #10 Bottle Cap Earth-Made out of bottle caps and plywood. I got the bottle caps from the recycling station and collected some. I got the plywood from a house my dad was working on. I  came up with the design and did an earth for Earth Day.
Project #15 Flowers/Vase-This is a flower bouquet. The vase is made from a pepsi can, recycled tin foil, and old beads from a school project. The flowers are made from egg cartons and recycled plastic forks and knives. 
Project #18 Town of Bikini Bottom from Spongebob Squarepants. -The Chum Bucket  is made from a chicken wing box, Patrick from corks and tinfoil,  Spongebob's house from an old milk jug, and Spongebob from an old sponge.
Project #19 Recycle Sign
Project #20 Waterfall*-Please note that this is an ART PROJECT NOT an invention. 
Project #23 Flower Diorama
*Please watch and listen to these videos for a description of each project.

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