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Access to the Library Catalog and eBooksTop of Page

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Students and families have access to our catalog and eBooks anywhere, anytime on any SMART device at Destiny Discover. 
From the Student Resource tab or Clever here on the Lake Forest web-page, click on the Destiny Discover tab. (Clever will not automatically log students into Destiny.) Students use their school username and passwords. Guests can browse the catalog with the username: lakeforest and password: read  
Try it now, click here to go to the Lake Forest Library catalog or scan the QR code at the top with your phone or tablet. HAVE FUN EXPLORING! 

Destiny Discover FeaturesTop of Page

Browse the Catalog

Browse the Lake Forest School library collection and check-out eBooks anytime, anywhere!

 Students and staff can easily access Destiny Discover to browse the library’s collection and check out eBooks – anytime, anywhere - on almost any device. There are links to Discover from the Student Resources tab, Clever and Staff Resources tab. It is recommended that you bookmark the page for future quick reference.
  • Students and Staff use their school username and password.
  • Guests can use the USER NAME: lakeforest  and PASSWORD:  read
By browsing through the collection users can search for eBooks, search for books in their lexile, and build a reading list.

The best way to learn how to use Destiny Discover is to simply just use it. The site is easy to navigate and self explanatory. Explore the other tabs here for helpful information.

Build a Reading List

Note: You must be logged in under your own user name and password to add to favorites and build a list. Holds are not currently being accepted. 
When searching the catalog you can add a book to Favorites which creates a list. Building a list is a helpful tool for searching out books in your lexile ahead of library visits. Students build a list, print it off and bring it with them to the library to quickly find books they want to read and take quizzes on. 

Types of eBooks

 There are several types of eBooks in the Lake Forest Catalog:
Single User- These are checked out to one person at a time and have a green book icon. You check them out, save them to your device and they will automatically return themselves when the loan period expires 
ABDO PDF eBooks- These have a blue book icon. An unlimited number of students can download these books. These can be read on-line or downloaded to your personal device from virtually anywhere.  ABDO PDF books never have to be returned. When opening the book there will be a red "Download" bar at the bottom. Click on the red bar to download it and it stays there until you delete it from your device
Read-to-Me eBooks- Most of these are ABDO PDF books, however to utilize the Read-to-Me feature you need to be connected to the internet. 
Interactive eBooks-These have the infinity symbol in the top left corner of the book image. They are multi-user and are read while on-line. They contain links to pre-screened student friendly web sites related to the topics of the books.