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e-Book access from Junior Library Guild
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For free, direct access to this site click on Junior Library Guild.  
Users can download the JLG Digital app FREE on both the Apple App and Google Play Store.
To login, users enter:
USERNAME: Summer21 and PASSWORD: Summer21,
then tap Sign In. A popup will appear – users should tap OK and the digital bookshelf will load. The app will remember the login 3 credentials so that users do not have to log in every time they access the app.
This app offers:
  • Unlimited readers can access the simultaneous, multi-user stream of eBooks and audiobooks at any given time or place from any laptop, desktop, or mobile device. New titles are added to the stream each month!
  • Download the free iOS or Android app to read offline from any mobile device, any place and at any time.
  • Readers are able to adjust formatting in any eBook to fit their digital reading preferences. 
  • If working on summer projects, readers will have access to free citation guides in MLA, APA, and Chicago style to make citing any book a breeze!