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A bus pass is not required for field trips or transportation to team events.  Bus passes are required for regular riders to and from school only.  At this time, Lake Forest does not have daily to and from home transportation.  If you have questions, please contact the Rescue USD Transportation Department at (530) 672-4310.
Transportation Department
Rescue Union School District Transportation Department is committed to providing safe and efficient transportation to all of students. Our drivers go through extensive training and receive many hours of annual training to keep abreast of all new laws pertaining to our industry. The design integrity of the yellow California school bus has proven to be the safest form of transportation for your child. For more information, visit the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration website, National Highway Transportation Safety Administration website.
Dee Spillers
Director of Transportation
2460 White Oak Road
Rescue, CA  95672
Ph. (530) 672-4310

Chad Ramsey
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