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Please remember that parking is not allowed in the bus loop at the back of our campus that connects with Marina Village Middle School.

Parking is allowed in the visitor parking area near the school office, and in areas of Kensington and Sailsbury that are not marked with red or yellow. 

  • The drop off/pick up lane is the yellow curb area only.
  • The thru-traffic lane, to the left of the drop off/pick up lane, is for exiting traffic.
  • Drivers must remain in their vehicles while waiting in the drop off/pick up lane.
  • Parking is allowed in the visitor parking areas.
  • Vehicles entering the drop off/pick up lane should pull up as far forward as possible.  Leave no gaps for cars to merge in.
  • Do not pull up beside vehicles already in the drop off/pick up lane to pick up/drop off children.  (No Double Parking).
  • Cross the driveway at painted crosswalk only.
  • Allow the faculty assigned to traffic control to do their job.  If you need to talk to staff  assigned to traffic control, schedule an appointment.
  • Students should walk on the sidewalks only and may not cross through the parking lot.
  • The South East parking lot may only be entered from Sailsbury & exits to Kensington.
  • The speed limit in front of the school when children are present is 25 MPH and the speed limit in the driveway is 5 MPH.
  • Work with your child on the Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures so your child will know what to expect.
  • Set a good example for the students of Lake Forest School as well as your own children by following the rules.
  • Our children’s safety begins with us, parent/guardians and caregivers.
  • Safety Patrol students (5th graders) assist with the parking areas before and after school.  They are there to help monitor drop off and pick up of students as well as student crossing.  We ask drivers and students to be courteous and respect their directions